Woman’s Body Found In Swansea, Illinois

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SWANSEA, IL. (KPLR) - Swansea police called in the Major Case Squad Friday to investigate the community's first homicide since 2006.  The body of 50-year old Carmen R. Boyd was found by her landlord in her apartment in the 200 block of Marcella.

Eighteen to twenty detectives from the squad were able to blanket the area questioning neighbors and then tracking down acquaintances as they looked for leads in the case.

Neighbors said they were shocked at the news.  Several said the area once had problems, but new apartment owners renovated properties and brought in new tenants and things quieted down.

Swansea Police Chief Mike Arnold agreed the area was generally quiet and  had not been the scene of any previous violent crime.

Capt. Jeff Wild, commander of the investigation confirmed neighbors told police Ms. Boyd had frequent visitors.  Authorities were trying to reconstruct her last few days.

Anyone with information should contact the Swansea Police Department at 618-233-8114.

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