Bernthal – The Way It Oughta Be: AB-InBev Water Down Beer Lawsuit

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(KPLR) – Is your beer watered down?
I know AB-InBev calls a lawsuit claiming the company watered down it's beer, frivolous and I tend to agree.

I know a lot of you are up in arms, how dare anyone mess with the alcohol level of their beverage.

But let's just assume that the accusations are true, here's the deal.

You should be buying beer for how it tastes, not how much of a buzz it can give you.

I once talked to a former AB executive who said most of the companies beer sales had more to do with marketing and advertising and little to do with taste.

So don't worry if you think your beer is watered down...If you're not buying beer for the taste, you should try something else.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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