Public Helps Find Justice For Ebony Jackson

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - The public's response after the murder of Ebony Jackson was overwhelming, according to her family members.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police said several witnesses came forward to help in the murder case.

Harry Parker held a crime stoppers event at his Gulf Shores restaurant on Monday.

"It was aimed at getting people with information about this murder to come forward," Parker said. "We are glad to hear that people stepped up for this young woman."

On Wednesday, prosecutors revealed that Dyanthany Proudie was charged with first-degree murder.

Jackson's family said people like Parker helped keep the case in the spotlight.

"It just feels good to help this family find justice," Parker said. "I know they have been really hurting."

Prosecutors said Proudie shot Jackson to death in a bath tub and then put her body in the trunk of a car.

They also said he left Jackson's infant son in an apartment complex.

"It is just horrible what happened to this young woman," Parker said.

Parker helped raise more than $8,000 for crime stoppers.

Parker is just one of the many people in St. Louis who held fundraisers for Jackson.

Her infant son is living with his father in Oklahoma.

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