Go Go Dancer Stops Axe Wielding Man In Club

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PHOENIX, AZ. (CNN) – A go-go dancer in Arizona is being hailed a hero.
The two-stepper swung into action as a ax-wielding man busted through the doors of a club.

Oralia Ortega has more.

His job is to entertain and make sure patrons at oz bar have a good time.

But pretti boi, his go-go dancer name who did not want his face shown, took on another role when a man wielding an ax threatened patrons.

Several people actually bolted into the bathroom, some out to the back patio where we are currently. But everybody was just in more or less, fear of what was about to happen.

The 40-year-old suspect had been at the bar earlier in the night fighting with his wife. The two left but the suspect came back.

He went to go order a drink and I had to tell him “hey you’ve already had your fill for the night, you’re done I can’t serve you anymore.” Well, then he got irate.

According to court documents, that’s when the suspect went to his car and grabbed an ax similar to this one.

He came running in with the ax. I went to go fight him with the pole que.

As carlos is trying to dodge the ax..pretti boi saw his opportunity and jumped on the suspect.

I run up behind him before he could realize anything was happening. Wrapped one arm around the back of the head, got him in a headlock, put my arm down to block the ax so he can’t actually swing, so I’ve got his arm pinned and I’ve got his head in a headlock.

Carlos and bar patrons know there could have been a completely different outcome had it not been for pretti boi a thought that humbles him.

I don’t really view myself as a hero and those that do that’s great but it’s not going to change the fact that I just view myself as being a good friend and helping out those, my friends that were in danger at the time.

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