Businesses Hoping For More Snow This Winter

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR)-- Lots of snow fell Wednesday but there were few problems.  The pavement was too warm and it prevented snow from collecting on the roads and highways.  But some people were already sick of winter.

One man in Maryland Heights said, "I want to move to Florida I`m tired of this snow and cold weather."

That`s not how they feel at BSR. The company said it`s the largest snow removal business in the St. Louis area, although they call it risk management.

Nick Mossotti is the director of operations at BSR, "We protect our clients and their most important asset is their customers and staff from slip and falls."

He said last week the company had 700 workers removing snow at more than 100 corporations, hospitals and businesses.  They only make money when it snows.  They said this winter so far has been just okay.  It will take a lot more snow to make it a great season.

Mossotti said, "In our business if we get like between three and six inch snow and have 12 events and stuff it will be a good year."

Falling flakes were also helping sales at Southwest Auto Parts.  Sales of windshield wipers and windshield fluid have been good in recent weeks.  They are items that most people put off purchasing.

Jim Werkmeister works at Southwest Auto Parts, "There`s no preparation ahead of time. Madden: People are reactionaries?  Werkmeister: Right, right, as the weather goes that`s when they change them."

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