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“Stand Your Ground” Laws Questioned On Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin Death

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Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Florida teen Trayvon Martin’s death. He was shot by George Zimmerman, who claims self-defense.

The incident generated huge outrage across the country for months and led to a wide-ranging conversation about the state of US race relations. The anniversary has shined a spotlight on Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground Law.

There is a renewed fight over the controversial, Stand Your Ground Law, that could make his killer, George Zimmerman a free man, once again.

Michael Skolnik, of the Trayvon Martin Foundation believes Stand Your Ground laws are ineffective and should be repealed.

“It promotes vigilantism. It promotes the idea that you go out there and you take care of the situation and don’t listen to police – don’t listen to law enforcement.” said MICHAEL SKOLNIK.

Late last week, a task force commissioned by Florida governor Rick Scott at the height of the public outcry returned its final report, supporting the law. It asserts “All persons who are conducting themselves in a lawful manner have a fundamental right to stand their ground and defend themselves from attack”

Zimmerman’s legal team, led by Attorney Mark O’Mara, has signaled they’ll argue not the controversial stand your ground but basic self defense.

Weeks before the scheduled start of that “Stand Your Ground” hearing, Florida lawmakers are considering several competing bills, ranging from incremental changes to stand your ground to full repeal. Something Skolnik acknowledges will not be easy.

Victor Blackwell – CNN New York