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Shot Fired Into Jefferson County Home

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IMPERIAL, MO (KPLR) - Jefferson County deputies are investigating a mysterious bullet that landed inside an Imperial man’s home while he slept.

Deputies say at around 4 in the morning on Monday, this bullet shattered the victim’s bedroom window, then flew through a door and lodged into the bathroom wall. At the time, the victim thought the loud noise was part of a dream, but when he awoke a few hours later, he discovered the bullet and holes.

The home on Old Lemay Ferry Road sits in a cluster of houses set in a large wooded area, which could be a clue for investigators.

Jefferson County Captain Ralph Brown says, “The house kind of sits up a little bit, looks like it could’ve been a possible accidental discharge and a ricochet, or could’ve been someone firing rounds at mailboxes.”

Since deputies didn’t find any evidence of foul play nearby, it’s less likely to have been pranksters.  As for malicious intent, the victim says he has no known enemies.

Brown says, “It’s unjustified at 4am, firing a weapon most certainly in the dark of the night, but Jefferson County is still somewhat rural and we do occasionally get projectiles entering through the siding of homes.”

The county has no laws against discharging firearms, but if the shooter was negligent, that person could be charged and have to pay for damages to the victim’s home.

At this point investigators aren’t sure what kind of weapon fired the shot, but if it turns out there was malicious intent, they’ll submit the bullet for a lab analysis.

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