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Melting Snow Raising Flood Concerns in St. Charles County

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) - Snow was not expected to accumulate very much near St. Louis Tuesday morning, but forecasters were looking out for winter flooding.

At Brown Road Park, Dardenne Creek rose six feet in just two hours Tuesday morning.  At 5 a.m., the creek was eight feet above normal.  A few more feet would flood ditches and fields in parts of the park.  The National Weather Service expected Dardenne Creek to crest at 18.5 inches by early Wednesday morning.  At that point, water would stand on Brown Road near Salt River Road and a nearby railroad.

But even with piles of snow melting under the rainfall near sewer openings, the Metropolitan Sewer District was not worried about sewers backing up into homes or businesses.

“The sewers are naturally warm,” said Lance Lecomb, spokesman for MSD.   “They generate a lot of heat.  And if you look at any inlet, there’s an area that is usually melted during these snowstorms. But for us, a snowstorm of this nature even last week is a non-event.”

LeComb said winds can blow down leaves and branches and rain can wash them toward sewer openings.  He asked anyone who sees that to call MSD customer service at (314) 768-6260.

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