Area Race Car Driver Witnessed Daytona Crash

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - NASCAR fans are debating any potential fallout from Saturday's bizarre crash that injured more than 30 fans watching the race in Daytona.

Some say it was a freak accident and fans know the risks of watching from near the track.

Others would like to see sturdier catch nets that are designed to keep flying debris from reaching the stands.

Brennon Willard witnessed the crash from the pit of driver Mike Wallace. Willard's family owns the Lebanon I-44 Speedway.

"It was horrifying to see that and to see what could happen," said Willard. "Thank goodness there are no casualties."

Some of the race fans watching the Daytona 500 had strong opinions about what should or should not happen in light of the crash.

"You to a baseball game, a ball flies out and you get conked on the head," said one fan watching the Daytona 500 on FOX 2 at Mattingly`s in Florissant. She said fans should know the risks.

Another fan watching on television wanted stronger nets. Willard says when his grandfather designed his family's track they put extra measures in place like 2 fences instead of one.

"I think we all need work together as an industry to do that and I feel like that will happen," said Willard.

Some fans would like to see more protection including stronger catch nets.

"I think that's something the need to do especially at the big speedways," said one fan.

Others say part of the thrill of NASCAR is wondering whether drivers can successfully navigate all the potential dangers.