MoDOT Prepares For Next Storm

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - MoDOT is planning ahead for the next round of winter weather. Saturday staff engineers held a teleconference with members of the Missouri Highway Patrol and the state emergency management agency to be sure they were all working from the same weather forecast.

At the same time, road crews worked to clear mounds of snow still blocking traffic lanes and ramps. Some abandoned cars still needed to be towed so the snow cleanup could be completed.

"We've made quite a bit of progress in the last day and a half trying to get rid of the snow along the shoulders that has pushed up or ramped up along the sides of our bridges," said MoDOT District Assistant Engineer Tom Blair.

Blair said forecasts to date are predicting next week's storm won't be as intense as last Thursday's. "That will give us a lot better opportunity to get ahead of it, keep up with it while it is coming down."

Towing firms continued to be busy Saturday moving on to cars in ditches or roadside embankments.

Blair said vehicle owners should be in touch with the local police department where they left their car or truck to find out where it has been towed to.

St. Louis Street Department Director Todd Waelterman reported the city's towing department hauled 18 cars... some from the interstates during the storm. Most, he said, have already been claimed by owners.