Pizza Drivers Under Fire For Avoiding Dangerous Roads

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MADISON COUNTY, IL (KTVI) - With all the problems on the roads, it wasn’t surprising that many didn’t make it to work Thursday. But at several Domino’s in Metro East, one employee says staying off the roads nearly got her fired.

This employee, who spoke with FOX2 anonymously, was scheduled to work Thursday night. Before her shift she called in, saying she was too scared to drive in the treacherous conditions.

She explains, “I didn’t want to worry about crashing on the way there, and we close at midnight and I didn’t want to worry about crashing on the way back home.”

She was shocked to hear her employer’s response: “I was told I was being written up for not coming in...I just didn’t believe I’m being written up over Mother Nature. It’s not right.”

She’s supposed to sign an acknowledgement of this when she gets to work on Saturday. Get written up three times, and get fired.

This worker says she’s not alone. Throughout Metro East, several employees who declined talking on camera had similar experiences.

She says at least one driver even got into a weather-related wreck while making a delivery: “He was driving down a country road and he lost control and crashed into an embankment,” this worker explains.

Safety is important for pizza delivery drivers. Several have gotten robbed, and even killed on the job, within the past few months. This employee feels dangerous road conditions should be no different: “No pizza should ever be worth the endangerment of an employee.”

It seems that on a corporate level, Domino’s is on the same page. Spokesperson Chris Brandon writes, “Safety is, and always will be, our top priority at Domino’s, and we rely on our independent franchise owners to make good decisions on what is best for our team members.”

Brandon wasn’t aware of these incidents, and a district manager had no comment.

While it’s not company policy to close during bad weather, this employee would like to see Domino’s follow through with safety coming first.

She explains, “This is a workplace that we should feel safe working at, and not feel like we’re being taken advantage of, or being pushed to do something we don’t want to do if we’re not comfortable doing it. It’s terrible.”

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