Mendte: Religious Tolerance

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Larry Mendte wants us to reflect on religious tolerance and wonders if people have gone too far when it comes to fighting for religious freedom.

Have you heard of Pastafarians?  No.  Good for you.

It is a mock religion that claims to believe the world was created by a flying spaghetti monster and dares you to prove otherwise.

This all started in a satirical response by a guy named Bobby Henderson who wrote a letter to the Kansas City school board after it decided creationism must be taught in schools.

It was clever.  It made its point.  It was supposed to be a joke.  Well the joke now has 250,000 followers.

Including Aaron Williams, who insisted that he wear a pasta strainer on his head when he took his driver license photo in New Jersey for religious reasons; some are allowed to take the photo with burka or a yamaka for religious reasons, the cops were called and Williams was told he had to petition the state.

This guy Niko Alm, did the same thing in Austria and after a psychological test, finally won and  now this is his driver’s license.

So the guy in New Jersey wasn`t clever or original in the least; he followed a satirical religion and copied a guy in Austria and by the way he attempted to videotape the whole thing and that`s why the cops were called.

And here is why I am talking about this; it has become cool in this country to mock religions, especially Christians

Most who follow the flying spaghetti monster are atheists and believe there is no god.

But that is a belief, a faith if you will, you don`t know and still I don`t mock you, so don`t mock what others believe.

Faith, real faith; is something greater than ourselves, is an important underpinning of a civilized society.

Throughout history when religions are mocked, attacked, banned or oppressed societies crumble and yet we see all of those signs in this country, in our government, our schools and in the media. In America, a country born of religious freedom -and that`s why I don`t think pasta head or his joke spaghetti god are either cool or funny, they are part, just symptoms of something far more destructive.

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