Fishermen Find Sisters After Car Crash In Washington State

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Naselle, WA (KING) – Two little girls survived a car crash that killed their mother in Western Washington state. The girls were found huddled together in the cold, hours after the accident.

Kraai McClure was driving to work with his friend Scott Beautler when he saw the tree.  The fresh cut in the bark told him an accident might have happened and his hunch was right. They found a car and called for help.

Driver Jessica Rath did not survive but feet away her two little girls, ages 2 and 4 were huddled together. “They were just staring at me. I said, ‘Babies, are you okay?’ The oldest one started crying and said, ‘We’re cold.'”

A tragic end to what originally started as a plan to pick up dad, a fisherman who was coming home.

Washington State troopers say tuesday evening rath and her daughters made their way from where they live in Astoria, Oregon, to Westport.

But a midnight call between Rath and her husband revealed he was actually arriving in Oregon.

She headed back but around 2am her car drifted off the road into a tree.  The impact not only killed Rath, it seriously hurt her 2 year old daughter.

The 4 year old girl was hurt too but somehow managed to pull her sister from the wreckage and held her close, keeping her warm under a blanket until help arrived.

Troopers say the accident is under investigation, but all indications are that the mother fell asleep at the wheel.

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