Clear Roads Cause St. Louisans To Praise Snow Plow Drivers

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - One day after a huge winter snow storm smacked the St. Louis are, most roads are clear.

Drivers criticized MoDOT for its response to the storm on Thursday, but by Friday morning some were praising the organization.

"Tax dollars well spent," Susan Darr said. "They did and great job on this."

MoDOT had help from contractors like Hortsmann Brothers Landscaping.

Chuck Caverly is a snow plow driver at Hortsmann Brothers Landscaping.

"We have our lots that were are hired to clear, and we were out all night clearing this stuff," snow plow driver Chuck Caverly said.

MoDOT also had more than 1,500 snow plows out overnight.

"I am very thankful for the job they did," Darr said. "This was a lot of snow."

The amount of cars that were left on the roads also made plowing the roads difficult.

"It is hard when you have a car right there," Caverly said. "You have to be very cautious and that takes time."

Traffic in the St. Louis are has been moving along fine since early Friday morning, according to MoDOT officials.

"I agree with that from what I have seen out here," Caverly said. "It seems to be back to normal almost."

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