Tow Truck Drivers Work Overtime Pulling Cars Out Of Ditches

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - It was a challenge getting just about anywhere on the roads Thursday, thanks to traffic jams caused by wrecks and vehicles stalled in the snow. That made for a very busy day for tow truck companies. A FOX 2 news crew rode along with a AAA tow truck to see stranded drivers rescued firsthand.

It was all about overtime for AAA tow truck drivers on Thursday, many of whom started at 7 in the morning and worked 14-hour shifts.  All day, they responded to calls from shoveling and pulling cars out of ditches to rescuing drivers stuck on highway ramps.

There were plenty of stranded drivers to be found, like AAA member Jenny Diehl, who got stuck on her way home from work.  She explains, “Well I mean, it is a minor road, they had to take care of main roads and take care of accidents and stuff, and that’s fine, I’m just frustrated with myself for not leaving early.”

AAA Service Technician Caleb Connoyer has a hunch why so many people, including Diehl, got stuck: “I think people underestimated the amount of snow we were gonna get, and kinda took the off ramps and thought they could get to work and from work, and that’s what happens.”

Luckily, Connoyer says many Good Samaritans pitched in to help.  He says, “It’s amazing the amount of people getting stuck on on ramps, off ramps, etc., so we’ve had to shovel people out. It’s amazing how much support I get from bystanders who help me push, and all that fun stuff.”

For AAA members, getting towed is free. AAA tow truck drivers estimate that throughout the day, they responded to three times more calls than usual.

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