IDOT Keeping Eye On Re-Freezing Roads

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KPLR)-- IDOT crews were pre-treating interstates hours before the storm hit Metro East Thursday.  That helps keep the snow and sleet from bonding to pavement and makes it easier to remove.

One-hundred seventy-five trucks were dispatched to the eleven counties covered by the local state transportation office.

"We're gonna try to stay up with the storm and match it intensity for intensity until it gets over," explained district operations engineer Joseph Monroe.  His road crews faced a mix of weather from snow in the Jerseyville area to sleet south of Columbia.  Varying temperatures through the day were a factor as well.

By evening rush hour interstates were passable and in some areas running at full speed.  Interstate 70 was shut down for about two hours at I-35 in Bond County during the afternoon.  Two semi tractor trailers were involved in an accident.

IDOT planned to keep a second shifting running for 12 hours through the night to be sure roads were clear for the Friday morning rush hour.

But drivers were urged to be cautious since patches of ice may appear on the highways and in residential areas where there has been no snow plowed.