Homeless Head To Shelters To Escape The Storm

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - This winter storm is another hard blow for the homeless.  More people than usual are flocking to homeless shelters to escape the winter storm.

Many went to the Centenary Church on 16th and Olive.  They say this storm makes  surviving the elements more difficult.

One homeless woman, Paula Hank said, "It's Horrific, it's horriffic. Luckily we have shelters."

Another woman, Lois Hudson, told Elliott, "It gets wet and cold. Sometimes you got to know where to change. Know where to sleep.  Sometimes you don't have nowhere to sleep but out here."

Shelters like the New Life Evangelistic Center are taking in more people than normal because of the storm. They expect as many as 300 people to show up at the downtown shelter.  The center will also send out volunteers to check on people living in homes with no heat that they just don't want to leave.

Reverend Larry Rice at New Life says they're badly in need of donations of money or just warm clothing that they can give out to the needed to help them survive this nasty weather. Rice said some have only tennis shoes to wear and a light jacket and no money for public transportation.   He says weather like this is just disasterous..

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