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Mendte: Most Hated Man In America

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – An Idaho man is trying to defend his actions after allegedly slapping a crying kid on a plane and using a racial slur.

Larry Mendte wonders if more pre-flight screenings could cut down on outbursts in the air.

He is the most hated man in America right now, Joe Ricky Hundley.  If you don`t know who he is - give me a second to tell his story and you`ll hate him too.

And by the way if you were going to make up a name for a villain you can`t do much better than Joe Rickey Hundley, he sounds like the kind of guy who would run you into the wall in a NASCAR race, but  Joe Rickey did much worse than that.

On a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta Joe Rickey was sitting next to Jessica Bennett  and her 19 month old adopted son Jonah who was crying.

We`ve all been there, well Joe Rickey leaned over and said shut that n-word baby up.  So he is a racist.

He was clearly intoxicated and has a dui in his past, so he is a racist drunk.

And because he wouldn`t have done this to a man or if Jessica’s husband had been there he is a misogynistic, racist drunk and they are his better qualities.

He then slapped the baby, so he is a misogynistic, racist, drunk baby abuser if only he was a Nazi he would be the perfect villain.

When they landed in Georgia he was charged with a misdemeanor which only shows how we under punish crimes against children; had he slapped Jessica that would have been felony assault, but a baby? Not a big deal in the eyes of the law.

And every time there is a problem on the plane, it is because of alcohol, instead of groping every passenger how about a breathalyzer before you get on the plane and a limit on alcohol on the plane.

As for Joe Rickey, he lost his job as an executive with a defense contractor and the only true justice is that the Bennett’s are sure to sue, so he`ll be paying for Jonah’s college education.

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