Creve Coeur Park’s Zip Line Could Get Final Approval

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KPLR) - St. Louis County could give final approval Tuesday night to build a zip lining course in Creve Coeur Park.

Even people who love the sport said they are worried about traffic congestion.  So, the company who could be running the course has had some convincing to do over the past few weeks.

The Go Ape Company already runs three courses across the United States.  St. Louis County Parks Director Tom Ott said zip lining could bring in $100,000 a year for park improvements countywide.  Still, some people who love coming to the park said they are worried they could have a tougher time getting in.

"It would pull from the aesthetics I think, a little bit," said Jason Kulma from St. Charles.  "It is kind of pretty up here and it is kind of pulled away from the trail, so you come up here to kind of hang out and now you're going to pull a whole bunch of people up here now, potentially."

But the county said almost no one goes zip lining alone.  Visitors usually pack up the car or truck with friends and family.  The county said they will only need about five or six extra parking spaces an hour.  They also don't expect the course to harm any trees.

Even though Kulma is worried about an overwhelming amount of extra cars, he said he would definitely go zip lining.  He said it would be a blast.

St. Louis County Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
County Council Chambers
1st Floor
41 South Central Avenue
Clayton, MO  63105

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