AAA, MoDOT Gear Up For Winter Weather

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - Snow is one thing but ice is another when it comes to driving.

"It's the big equalizer," said Phil Linck, AAA Auto Club of Missouri spokesman.

He says just a little bit of ice can cause a tire to slide and cause an accident.  He's asking drivers to get prepared now for Thursday.

"Keep your ice scraper nearby, put some kitty litter or salt in the trunk but you need to prepare for it," said Linck.

He also recommends putting a plastic bag on your windshield wipers so they won't be frozen when it`s time to go.

MoDOT will be pre-treating area highways on Wednesday and will use a beet juice mix with its brine because it works better in colder weather.

Some streets are already showing signs of winter wear and tear.  One stretch of Clarkson has several pot holes.

Michael Arthur is a pizza delivery driver who travels Clarkson whenever he works.

"I don`t like driving here," said Arthur.  "There's cars bouncing on the street, there`s people swerving around and dodging them."

The owner of Claymont Auto Repair in Ballwin sees out of whack alignments, torn tires and bent wheels from potholes.

"A lot of these newer tires are $200-$300 a tire and it`s the same for the wheel," said Dave Dyer, owner.  "It can get expensive."

Any ice on Thursday will only cause even more problems.

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