Mendte: Pope Benedict XVI Resigning

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Larry Mendte questions the motives behind the pontiff's retirement, and if the move is more political than health related.

The pope quit!  He gave his two week notice.  

I have been catholic all my life went to catholic grade school and high school and not once did anyone ever tell me the Pope can quit.

There are so many questions now like who does the pope turn his notice into? Does he write a dear Jesus letter?  Can god quit? Because that would explain a lot like the inexplicable popularity of “50 Shades of Gray”.

The last time a Pope quit was in the year 1415 when popes had a whole lot more power and could start crusades and inquisitions and bring down monarchies ah the good old days

But it was still an act of amazing humility to give up the title of pope for the good of the church just think in two weeks he's going to be like Pete Best, the guy that used to be a Beatle, look there is Joe Ray Zinger he used to be Pope

I don't think Pope Benedict did this just because of failing health, but because the church is in trouble and needs new leadership.

The church is in trouble after a priest sex scandal and a Vatican financial scandal, attendance at Catholic churches is at an all time low and Americans are looking for reform.

It is in continents like Africa and South America where the catholic faith is strong.

Pope Benedict will have a say in picking his successor and he would be wise to choose a Pope who is not European, is not really old and who is not white.

But the Vatican is as political as Washington and change is difficult to come by.

But if Benedict can pull this off, he could save the church and go down in history as one of the greatest Popes, for doing what Washington did, resigning after just 8 years for the greater good.

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