U.S. Coast Guard To Help Stranded Cruise Ship In Gulf

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Galveston, TX (CNN) – The U.S. Coast Guard will arrive in the Gulf of Mexico today (Monday) to help tow a stranded cruise ship to port.

The Carnival Triumph is running on emergency power after a weekend engine fire.

Adela Uchida reports.

When the three-thousand-143 vacationers boarded the carnival triumph on Thursday.

They thought they’d be home Monday.

But a fire in the engine room of the carnival triumph knocked out power to the ship, according to the carnival cruise line…

And it’s now adrift in the Gulf of Mexico nearly, 500 miles from Galveston.

Bethany Nutt and a bunch of girlfriends are on that ship.

Her husband told me on the phone, he had no idea there was a problem for seven hours after the fire.

Brent Nutt, Husband of Passenger: “Carnival called me to tell me there was a problem, that there was a fire in the engine room, and that the fire was contained and everything was all okay.”

the ship has no cell phone service, and Bethany Nutt couldn’t call until another carnival ship, the elation, pulled up alongside the triumph.

Brent Nutt didn’t like what she had to say.

Brent Nutt, Husband of Passenger: “She was crying and stuff and said they had no power, they have no running water, they have no way to use the bathroom.”

in a news release, carnival says Wednesday, the triumph will be towed to Progreso, Mexico and from there, the cruise line will arrange travel home for its passengers.

All of the passengers on board right now will get full refunds plus transportation expenses.

But for Brent Nutt , who says he doesn’t know when he’ll talk to his wife next, it’s not enough.

Brent Nutt, Husband of Passenger: “If they would tell you the truth, it would not be so bad.”

In all, there are about 42-hundred passengers and crew onboard.

The Coast Guard says officials are communicating with the ship’s crew.

The vessel’s next two departures scheduled for this week have been canceled.

Those slated to be on those trips will get full refunds and discounts toward future cruises.