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Six Flags Installing New Roller Coaster For Summer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EUREKA, MO. (KPLR) – Big rigs filled with fun came through the front gates of Six Flags Monday.

Their cargo, a new coaster for the region.

'Boomerang, our ninth coaster will give us 23,000 feet of coaster feet in the park,' says Elizabeth

Gotway the park`s public relations manager.  'Now that would be a coaster wouldn't it?'

It's not 23-thousand feet long, but instead 1600.

Work began last October after Fright Fest to find a footing for this ride.

'They did some blasting to get down in to the rock cause part of the ride will be down in that area,' says Gotway.  'Then there will be two lift hills that will shoot up towards the Screaming Eagle.'

Monday trucks arrived from Texas hauling tracks for this addition that will change the look of the theme park.

'You have to look at the park and say what kind of coaster do we want and where will it fit and how will it lay out,' says Gotway.  'So when people get to the park this summer they'll see with Boomerang it will actually go over the walkway.  So people will walk under parts of it.'

Though the park opens March 29th, Boomerang won't be ready until June.

So you'll have time to think about all the stomach churning twists and turns the 50 mile an hour coaster will take.

'It actually pulls you backwards up a lift hill and then it shoots you out like a slingshot,' says Gotway.  'Then it will send you out through two half loops, a left half corkscrew and then a right half corkscrew and then a full loop and it'll send you up another lift hill.  Once you reach the top of that lift hill you'll stop and then it will shoot you back through that entire ride again.'

That's the kind of thing thrill seekers will love.

'I am anticipating there will be a lot of screaming I don't know,' says Gotway.

'It will probably be me,' says Patrick Clark.

It will definitely be me.