Shocking Flyer Depicts St. Louis Mayor As Slave Master

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - An advertisement for a new documentary called "Bootlicker" contains images of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and a black man on his knees.

The documentary focuses on the "politics of division." Terry Artis is the man behind the film.

"It is meant to shock people into the reality of how St. Louis is run like a slave plantation," Terry Artis said. "The black man on his knees represents the Slay Supporters."

Artis is releasing "Bootlicker" on Feb. 20.

"I thought it would be more effective during Black History Month,"he said. "We also have an election for mayor in St. Louis in March."

One of Mayor Slay's opponents in that election, Louis Reed, is black.

The following statement about the documentary was released by Slay's campaign:

"It's an appalling contradiction to the Reed campaign's theme of 'One St. Louis' when they and their supporters demean, in the worst possible way, African Americans who support Mayor Slay."

In response, Reed's Campaign released the following statement:

"We condemn the overtones in this material. Francis Slay's record is enough for us to criticize without stoking the fire of racial politics."

Artis said Reed had "nothing" to do with the documentary.

"I live in St. Louis County, so I won't even be voting for Reed," he said. "This is about the way St. Louis is divided."

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