Flights Resume At Lambert After Northeast Snow Storm

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)-- Travelers at Lambert airport are dealing with fewer delays after last week`s snow storm dumped more than 40 inches of snow on parts of the northeast.

The storm kept many from getting to their destinations. A group of basketball players from the University of Massachusetts says they have been in St. Louis for three days because of flight cancellations after a game at SLU. They took it all in stride, by exploring the city they also checked out the Mardi Gras celebrations over the weekend.

"We did get pictures of the snow it`s been interesting but it was a lot of snow. A lot of people are just kind of stranded in their dorm rooms but luckily they have been able to more around but and walk but you can't really move your car," said player Danielle Montgomery.

Residents in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New England are still digging out. There were also high traffic and packed parking lots at Lambert this morning and many went to the web in search of flight information. There were minor delays, flights to and from the northeast are back on time.

"We hope we don't see any more snow falling but we've heard there is some hail falling but hopefully that will be done by the time we get back so all we have to do is take a shovel and get rid of the snow piled on our cars," she said.

The group is expected back in Boston my 9pm Monday night.