Taking Care Of Your Lawn

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(KPLR) - The winter months take a toll on our house and yards. We are probably going to see more snow before the winter is over and we might encounter power outages.

Taylor Reich from The Home Depot presented these tips on how to keep our yards in shape.

Snow Blowers: Learn how to choose the right snow blower for your needs, including the differences between electric and gas powered blowers, and even the latest innovations in Lithium Ion battery powered options.

Chainsaws: Chain saws are a must-have item for homeowners with wooded yards to trim branches in danger of damaging the home when weighed down with snow and ice. The Home Depot experts can share safety tips for chain saw handling.

Log Splitters: Wondering what to do with fallen limbs or dead trees? A log splitter is a great way to turn debris into firewood to stay warm this winter.