A Warning From Victims Of Storm Damage Scheme

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IMPERIAL, MO. (KPLR) - The Keener family told FOX2 they were victims of a storm damage scam that involved a certificate from the Missouri Secretary of State's Office.

"The guy showed us this certificate and that made us think he was legitimate," Wesley Kenner said.

Kenner's roof suffered severe damage during a storm in 2012.

"Our insurance paid the guy almost $3,000, but no one has done anything to our roof," he said. "He just took the money and ran."

The certificate was a proof of the company registering with the state.

"He had all the stuff to make you think it was okay," Kenner said. "We just feel frustrated."

Unfortunately, the certificate is available to anyone for a small fee.

Kenner said the company also showed him papers stating it had a clean record with the Better Business Bureau.

"I guess you can't even trust all that stuff," Kenner said.

Fox 2 called the company, but no one was available for comment Wednesday night.

Kenner said he has called the company several times.

"We just keep getting excuse after excuse," he said.

He hopes no one else becomes a victim.

"You just can't trust everyone," Kenner said.

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