Mendte: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Hearing

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – If you saw Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton's testimony before a congressional committee Wednesday, you saw plenty of emotion and some fireworks.

But Larry Mendte says there were a few questions that should have been asked, but weren't.

It was Hillary Clinton day on Capitol Hill.

The outgoing secretary`s testimony about the state departments roll and response in the September 11th terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya was enlightening, troubling and incomplete all at the same time.

The enlightening part was the fact that congress has been cutting funding to us embassies and consulates for years and according to the secretary being tight on money played a roll in every decision.

So defense gets all the money it wants and diplomacy gets cut, both democrats and republicans agreed that has to change.

The testimony about why the White House sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice on Sunday morning talk shows to say the attacks were caused by an internet video and not terrorism, even though they knew that wasn`t true; was evasive and incomplete.  You can`t just say that doesn`t matter now, when that was the story put out by the administration.  It fuels the fire that the White House covered that up for political reasons

And then there is the most troubling testimony, desperate cables were sent by Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens asking for more security months before the attacks that killed him and three other Americans.  That extra security was never sent.

Although an independent investigation pointed to a lack of leadership and response by the state department, no one was fired.  Hillary Clinton says she never saw the cables.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul looked Hillary Clinton in the eyes and said he would have fired her, because not seeing those cables was a dereliction of duties.

It was a strong point.  And raises the question, what are the circumstances of Hillary Clinton’s resignation?   Did she leave voluntarily or did the president asked for her resignation?

It was never asked Wednesday and the answer like so many others may be forever lost in the fog that is Benghazi.