Snowfall Increases Business For Some Stores

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR)-- A midday snowfall caught some folks by surprise and it was a shot in the arm for people who make a living in the snow removal business.  The snow started as small flakes and very light around ten this morning in Maryland Heights.

Drivers like Dave Willis had few problems, "Really there`s not a lot of accumulation as yet on the roads."

But conditions changed rapidly.  In St. Charles, subdivision streets were quickly covered in a blanket of white.

Autumn Fleming, a college student said, "Not a big fan of the snow cause I usually get plowed in, have to park on the street so yeah it`s not my favorite."

Then the snow got very heavy.  Folks at MoDOT loaded up trucks with salt.

It was perfect weather for Randy Cochrum.  He owns a landscape business.  He said, "I love snow." In the winter snow removal keeps his business going.

Cochrum said, "This is big. It keeps everything busy it keeps our men working it keeps money coming in that we need to produce for the spring for our start up we need to get going for the spring."

The same holds true at stores like Rick`s Ace Hardware in Des Peres.   They were selling some ice melt and rock salt this afternoon but they need a large winter storm to fire up sales.

Store Manager Randy Shain said, "A good six to eight inches that would be fantastic that would keep us busy for a few days for us."

Some hardware stores still have bags and bags of salt left over from last year.