MoDOT And Street Departments Keeping An Eye Out For Icy Roads

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – If you want to know just how dangerous a patch of black ice can be, then ask someone who knows from experience.

John Lywiski tows vehicles for Doc's towing in Breckenridge Hills.  He has seen firsthand what one patch of ice can do.

"You'll be cruising down the road and it will be perfectly fine and then you'll come around the corner," said Lywinski.  He said it's easy to let your guard down on nights when re-freezing is a possibility.

Lywinski reminds drivers that it's the law to pull over a lane when emergency vehicles are on the shoulder.

"I've had close calls," said Lywiski. "Especially on the highway at night."

MoDOT treated area highways when the snow fell on Tuesday and continued to watch out for slick spots through the night.

The snow fell mostly on the northern half of the St. Louis area so St. Louis County road crews did not treat any roads south of I-64.

BSR Services specializes in snow and ice removal.  The private company was loading up salt trucks and spreading chemicals on the parking lots and sidewalks of their clients.

"This is all we do year-round and so we're prepared for it," said Nick Mossotti.  "We`re expecting re-freezing tonight so we'll go out make sure that they puddles don't turn into ice."