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Mendte: Celebrate American Democracy

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The pomp and circumstance of inauguration day is over, but Larry Mendte says, its a good thing, regardless  of party to take in the importance of the event.

Inauguration day.

The day America celebrates democracy, celebrates the smooth and bloodless transition of power that is the model for the world.

The celebration is more about the process and the office of the presidency than the person who holds the office.

The Obama’s have occupied the white house with grace and class.  The president has done nothing to embarrass the office, quite the contrary, his election four years ago proved once and forever that anyone can grow up to be president.

That is reason enough to celebrate and pack partisanship away for one day.

In the four years ahead there will be more than enough days for argument, attacks and accusations.

In fact it will start immediately with a fight over gun control; that the White House will not win.  That will lead into a debate over immigration reform, where suddenly there is common ground with republicans who are reaching out to Latinos.

And the deficit, tax reform?

The president promised he will take on climate change in his speech.

There is a fight to come with Obama Care as state after state refuses to foot the bill.

The war in Afghanistan will come to an end and fear is a Taliban fueled by vengeance will fill its void.

Iran is still working towards a nuclear weapon.

And then there is the unexpected, a terrorist attack, a hostage crisis, moments that can either build or destroy a legacy.

But before all that we have this one day, inauguration day, where we celebrate America and the necessary participation of We The People; when someone makes a partisan remark or argument on this one day, just say shhhh, not today.

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