Mendte: Federal Spending Cuts

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – The deal that kept us from falling off the fiscal cliff was supposed to include tax increases and spending cuts.

In Larry Mendte's eyes, one of those got left out.

While it is true that we avoided falling off the fiscal cliff, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still hanging on by our fingertips.

That’s because in all of the talk about taxes, not one cut a dime from spending.  Zero.  This isn’t the first time this happened.

Remember when President Obama put together a bi-partisan commission to come up with recommendations to cut the deficit; they did and the president and congress ignored the report, not one dime was cut- zero.

And remember when republicans in congress refused to raise the debt ceiling unless they got significant spending cuts and you know how many spending cuts they got – zero.

But that gave birth to the super committee, members of congress who once and for all were going to cut the deficit or face mandatory cuts.  Well the super committee was a dud and the mandatory cuts never happened; the net result, not one dime was cut from the deficit zero.

And so now the federal deficit is over 15 trillion and counting.

And once again the republicans are threatening to either not raise the debt ceiling again or shut down the government unless they get significant cuts.

But we have seen this act before and do you know how much will get cut, not one dime –zero.

You may ask, why can’t the government stop spending?  Well if you are on social security, medicare, unemployment, a federal pension, using student loans, using tax deductions, getting government grants or subsidies; ask yourself the question, what are you willing to give up.

And if you say not one dime, zero, then there is your answer.

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