Jen Sacheck: “Thinner This Year”

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(KPLR) -- If you need to jump start your new lifestyle, maybe you need a book to get you there. Co-Author of the book “Thinner This Year” Jen Sacheck offered advice on losing weight.

• If you do not exercise after age 30, you will lose 3 to 5 percent of your muscle mass every decade. After 60, that percentage will increase.

• Junk food is addictive. Literally. The solid fats and added sugars (SoFAS) that are pumped into processed foods hook you like heroin. Addictive substances rewire your brain to increase cravings and drive you to satisfy them.

• Tips on easing into a diet and fitness plan if you aren`t active or eating well already. “Sink the Carriers!” or, in other words, take the hardest thing to do or give up and do it first. The rest will seem easy.

With energetic and witty wisdom from Chris and the nitty-gritty, scientific facts from Jen, "Thinner This Year" is the only guide for anyone who wants to lose weight, keep it off, and stay fit and healthy forever. Regardless of age, anyone can begin this revolutionary program and be on the path to a better life

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