Jacology: Gun Control & NRA

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(KPLR) – The new gun proposals President Obama outlined Wednesday are, not surprisingly creating a ton of buzz.

In Wednesday's Jacology, Charles Jaco takes issue with some of the tactics the National Rifle Association is using in making its argument against new regulations.

The National Rifle Association morphed from a gun safety group to what seems to be a gun extremists cover organization years ago. Despite that, many people hoped that the NRA would join the conversation about sane, sensible gun regulations after the slaughter at sandy hook elementary school. No such luck.

First, an app developer called, MEDL Mobile has posted a new app on i-Tunes called NRA practice range. The app claims to be an officially-licensed National Rifle Association product. The app allows you to blast away at targets and up your firepower from a hunting rifle to an AR-15. The app was released on the one month anniversary of the school massacre.

Then, there was the NRA's response to President Obama and Vice-President Biden coming up with recommendations for gun regulations. The NRA came out with an online ad claiming that President Obama cares more about his kids than he cares about yours, because the Obama daughter's attend a private school in D.C. that hires armed security guards.

But Obama has offered federal money to help all schools hire armed security. So it's not like he's against the idea. So what's the NRA's point in the ad? Their point is that Obama is an anti-gun elitist who sends his children to a private school you couldn't afford. It doesn't have anything to do with the gun debate. But it’s effective for people who hate Obama, like many NRA members.

Both history and the tide of public opinion seem to be turning against the NRA. So how do they respond? Semi-hysterically. Maybe they need to master emotional control before they can talk about gun control.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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