Gun Control Debate Causing Run On Guns

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - President Obama’s gun violence initiative is meeting mixed reviews in the St. Louis area, but one place where the reaction is pretty uniform is gun stores.  Despite assurances that law abiding gun owners are not being targeted, customers are buying weapons and ammunition as quickly as it can be stocked.  

At Metro Shooting Supply in Bridgeton, they began the day Wednesday with about 15 A-R style rifles on their shelves.  None of them was priced less than $1700, and all were sold long before closing.  And there was more.

“It’s not just rifles,” owner Steve King said.  “It’s handguns, ammunition, reloading supplies, everything in the store is flying off the shelf.”

King is vehemently opposed to any form of gun control, and says the action taken by the administration Wednesday isn’t much of a threat.  

“There wasn’t anything to it.  It was common sense things.  We already have commissions looking for bad guys.  We already do extensive background checks.  We already do things that are on these 23 list.  What this did was let people go, ‘whew,’ he’s not gonna take our guns away.”

But he fears what may come next.  He, and most like minded people, believe more restrictions, on things like ammunition clips and assault rifles, may be next.  

In Illinois, newly elected Congressman Bill Enyart, a democrat, is a gun control foe and is organizing voters against the action out of Washington.  He calls the group he’s forming the Southern Illinois Gun Task Force.

Perry County Clerk Kevin Kern is the chairman, and says what’s happening in Washington doesn’t jibe with what Enyart’s constituents want.

“I think he believe executive orders aren’t the way to go on this issue.  The congressman is a supporter of the 2nd amendment and I think he has concerns about some of those proposals.”

Back in Bridgeton, Brian Long had come out to purchase a pistol with a sixteen round magazine, something he fears he won’t be able to buy in the future.  

“It’s a gun that I’ve wanted for some time,” he said.  “However when you see that they might be changing the laws for the innocent gun owners that do pay attention to the laws and follow the laws.  So I figured it’s something I should do now.”

Everyone agrees there is likely a battle on the horizon over gun control.  Events in Newtown, Connecticut have made calls for action of some type too loud to ignore.  But if you ask Steve King what he would do if he were in charge, he says, not much.

“If we can name one law that we can enact that would eradicate violent crime, lets put it in place.  And the simple answer is there is nothing we can do other than enforce the laws that we already have.  

There’s already 22 thousand gun laws already.” 

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