Edwardsville School District Revamps Security System

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KPLR)-- The Edwardsville School District 7 sent a 4 page letter home with students on Tuesday about security improvements. They say it`s in addition to the strict guidelines they already have in place. In light of the shootings at sandy hook elementary school, local districts are making adjustments to their own security plans. The District is doing exactly that, administrator Greg Roosevelt says they met with security experts to revamp security systems.

"Local sheriff`s departments, city police, secret service shared ideas and came up with new plans on how we can better secure our schools in district 7," said Roosevelt

There are 7 new initiatives that include installing new locks that lock from inside the classroom, new panic alarms to alert police officers will also get updated floor plans. As for security cameras police will access them remotely along with remote door access.  New ID badges will be required for all staff by March, ID's for students will be given out next semester.

Right now there are at least 4 armed Edwardsville police officers on staff along with multiple security guards throughout the district. Officials say it`s a move that`s needed to keep the 7,500 students and 1,000 staff members on campus safe.  All of the new systems will be in place by the end of March.

"We think the community views these steps as necessary they are supportive we appreciate their assistance," he said.

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