Contact 2: Federal Check Scam

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – A St. Louis mother follows her instincts and avoids getting scammed.  A stranger called telling her she needed to claim a check.   Something didn`t sound right so the woman called Contact 2.  

The woman tells us she knew the caller`s offer was bogus.  She also understands that not everyone is going to realize it`s a scam.

Phylis Davis saved the conversation she had with the caller.  He had a heavy accent. And she says he had lots of information about her.  'He had all my information correct, my name spelled correctly which nobody ever does my address, he has my phone number. '

The caller tried to convince her that the offer was legitimate.  She was told it was from the federal government.  Phylis asked why she was getting the money.  'He claims that when you shop at Walmart, that automatically enters you into a sweepstakes which is the Mega Bucks Sweepstakes. '

She was told to wire money to a person in Indiana.  Once that was done, she`d receive the $950,000.00 check and a car.  She played some of the conversation for me.

(Caller) ' You just need to come up with $200.00.'   

(Phylis) 'For Who?  I would like to see the check and the car first before I hand anybody money. '

Once she figured it was a scam, Phylis wanted to warn others. 'Since its tax season I think with them using the federal government, and if you file your taxes, you might really believe you have a check waiting from the federal government.'   

Phylis lost her mother a few years ago and she worries the elderly or people with medical issues might wire the $200.00 or whatever they are asked to send.

'My mother had dementia which later developed into Alzheimer`s.  And in that state, she would have gone for this scam.'    

Stop the scam before it starts.  If you are due any money from the federal government, it's unlikely you'll have to pay to get it.  You should also warn elderly family and friends about bogus offers and sweepstakes.  

If you have consumer issues call us at Contact 2.  The toll free number is 800-782-2222.  Volunteers take calls Monday through Thursday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

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