Conservation Connection: Bald Eagle Watching

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(KPLR) -- It`s winter, and that means bald eagles flock to Missouri waters to escape colder weather up north. Missouri is a favorite winter vacation destination. Dan Zarlenga from the Missouri Department of Conservation has tips on viewing these magnificent birds.

Q. Why do eagles come to Missouri each winter?

  • Primary food is fish
  •  As waters freeze up north, the migrate here where the waters are easier to fish
  • The Big rivers and other large bodies of water provide the perfect food source

Q. Where are some great places to watch eagles?

  • Eagles like to congregate near large bodies of water.  Look for them near lakes and rivers
  • Old Chain of Rocks Bridge just north of St. Louis
  • 'Chain of rocks' structure just south of the bridge breaks up the water, creating rapids that bring up fish for eagles to catch
  •  The Eagle Days Festival is taking a year off in 2013, but still plenty of chances to see them on your own
  • Audubon Visitors Center at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary in West Alton
  • Confluence overlook at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area
  • Jones Confluence State Park
  • City of Alton also has many events

Q. And if viewers don`t mind a little drive, Clarksville also has a large eagle watching event.  Tell us about that.

  • Clarkesville Eagle Days, Saturday and Sunday, January 26-27 from 10-3
  • Lock and Dam No. 24 and Riverfront Park
  • See eagles in the wild through spotting scopes
  • Watch a live eagle up close during Live Eagle Programs, from the World Bird Sanctuary
  • Kids` activities and more
  • Only an hour and a half drive from St. Louis

Q.  Any special suggestions about preparing for the weather?

  • Dress warmer than you think you`ll need
  • Use multiple layers
  • Head and hand cover are a must
  • Bring a camera or binoculars or spotting scope

Q. How can we find out more?

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