$4000,000 Diamond Theft In Florida

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ORLANDO, FL. (FOXNEWS) – Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds stolen from a car outside of an Orlando restaurant.

Police aren’t sure if it was a planned heist or if the thief just seized the opportunity.

it happened just outside this sweet tomatoes restaurants at one of the world’s busiest tourists corridors, the corner of I-Drive and Kirkman.

Young says: “they met with the victim. The victim described that his car had been broken in to…showed where it had been broken in to and there was a bag missing. The victim stated that the bag contained about $400,000 worth of diamonds.”

Orlando police are not sure right now if this is a standard car burglar with opportunity or experienced diamond thief.

Young says: “in this case it was a bag sitting in a car where a vehicle burglar…that’s typically what they target. Vehicle burglars look for opportunity.

The victim was eating inside that Sweet Tomatoes restaurant when that burglar busted out the window of that rental car and took that bag but left GPS in the windshield.

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