Mendte: Lance Armstrong

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Lance Armstrong’s admission has everyone re-evaluating their feelings toward the cycling great.

Larry Mendte says he's also taking another look at Armstrong.

I believed in Lance Armstrong and this week he will make me feel like a fool.

For this week he will confess to the former queen of the court of public opinion that he did indeed take performance enhancing drugs when he won a record 7 straight Tour de France championships, the super bowl of cycling competitions.

Will it work?  Not for me.  At least not yet.

I can`t get over the fact that he lied to me, to prosecutors, to his teammates, to journalists, to all of us for so long.

And now in the wake of being stripped of his title, of his awards and his reputation, after a decade of lies, he decides to come clean.  It seems more a sign of desperation than integrity.

Look I believe in redemption and in second chances, but redemption must be built on an acceptance of guilt, a mountain of lies is no foundation and can`t be erased that quickly, not even with Oprah on your side.

As I tell my children, if you don`t take responsibility, nothing will change.

That is why Lance Armstrong has suffered for so long, he was living a lie.  And dishonesty strangles any and all hope of reparation.  I am not certain why some never learn despite glaring examples that it`s not the crime, it`s the cover up.

There is a lot to admire about Lance Armstrong, his personal story of cancer survival is only surpassed by his continuing commitment to raise money for treatment.

But redemption only begins with honesty, it is the first step.  And honesty is best when it is difficult, not when it is a last resort.

So after a decade of lies, the redemption clock on Lance Armstrong starts this week as he attempts yet another comeback.  It may be his most arduous and longest race ever, but redemption must be earned.

After a decade of lies, he has a lot of ground to make up to get people like me to once again believe in him.

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