Wolf-Boy Job Ad Sparks Controversy; May Help Mexicans

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LONDON (FOX NEWS) - The hunt is underway in the UK for a wolf-boy or wolf-girl.   Forget silver bullets, this wolf-man or woman is being hunted through employment ads.

The job opening seeking a male or female with extreme facial hair able to perform circus tricks and willing to travel.  The ad is causing a stir at employment centers across Britain.  It was posted by the circus of horrors which says a new british employment law requires them to publicly post their job openings.  

The law is designed to help new immigrants find work.  In this case, could help out Mexicans.  It turns out most wolf-boys and wolf-girls come from Mexico.

"You pretty well know where your artists come from. Fantastic contortionists generally come from Mongolia, your flying trapeze artists come maybe from Russia, your springboard troupes come from Hungary, this is what happens in a circus, you know where they come from. And in Mexico they have a lot of wolf people. There are only fifty in the world, but they are predominantly in Mexico." said Doktor Haze of the Circus of Horrors.

Interested applicants should know the job is temporary.  The job runs from January to march while the circus is on tour.