“Pure Pleasure” Adult Store Wins Legal Battle; Says It Isn’t Sexually Oriented

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PEVELY, MO. (KPLR) – A federal judge ruled that the City of Pevely violated the First Amendment when it denied "Pure Pleasure" boutique a business license.

The judge said the business could legally operate at its location off Highway 55 in Pevely.

The city will also have to pay for "Pure Pleasure's" legal fees and revenue that the business may have lost.

The city argued that "Pure Pleasure" was a "sexually oriented" business.

A "sexually oriented" business cannot be operated within 1,000 feet of a school, according to Missouri State Statute.

"This store is less than 600 feet of the school our kids go to," Ann Maloney said. "It is beyond pornographic."

However, "Pure Pleasure's" attorney said the business is not a 'sexually oriented" business.

"We sell sexy things, but we do not sell any films or magazines with images of people having sex," Bob Kitser said.

Despite the judge's ruling, Maloney said "the battle is not over."

"We need to picket, and we need to do whatever we need to to shut this business down," she said.

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