Mendte: Gun Control Talks

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Tuesday Vice President Biden will present his recommendations to the president on how to reduce gun violence.

Larry Mendte says the vice president may have found a compromise.

If you pay attention to the media reports, you would think that the guns summit taking place in Washington is a colossal joke.

Kabuki Theater is how I heard one talking head describe the series of meetings between the white house, the NRA, Walmart and those proposing gun controls.

It is true that the White House needs to look like they are including all sides in the debate and the NRA attacks on any gun control bring in more money in both donations and gun sales.

That`s right, the irony in all of this talk about getting guns off the streets is that it is putting more guns on the street, gun sales are through the roof as people load up before expected legislation.

While it is true that much of what you are seeing and hearing is an act, both sides have to play the PR game, try and ignore all of that and listen to what is not being said.

Have you notice that Vice President Joe Biden, who has been put in charge of the gun laws task force has stopped talking about banning semi-automatic military style weapons.

The White House just doesn`t have the votes in congress for such an action, it will still be proposed by senator Diane Feinstein, but it will be defeated.

Instead the White House is focusing on universal background checks; right now background checks are just required for commercial gun sales, there is a loophole for private gun sales for instance at gun shows.

So believe it or not it seems a compromise has been worked out in Washington of all places.

It is not a solution to the madness that has taken lives of the innocent in Newtown, Aurora and too many other places, but it is a step in the right direction.

Now we must deal with mental health privacy laws, because what good is a background check if there is no background to check.