Cold Weather Affecting Water Mains And How People Heat Homes

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - Missouri American Water crews spent the day working on 12 water main breaks one of the largest was on Manchester Road near Manchester Meadows in West County. The road buckled leaving it shut down both ways for hours.  Another break happened at Westline and Weldon Parkway in Maryland Heights. Salt was put down to help drivers with the water and freezing temperatures. Business owners like Aaron Sansone spent the day dealing with water woes impacting his gas and carwash business.

 'The water was flowing pretty well we were worried about water flooding our oil system. Water was flowing and we had a sheet of ice forming on the road sheet of ice behind me a lot of mud and water.' Said Sansone

Experts say another winter weather issue is people heating homes with stoves, according to FEMA at more than 45 percent of fatal fires are a direct result of portable heaters and users should take precautions. West County Fire Chief Ernie Rhodes says it`s a common problem in the winter.

'Anytime you have an open flame in a house it`s going create carbon monoxide a stove is a great source for it, its odorless colorless gas that`s extremely toxic. You need to have three feet clearance around the heater to prevent fire and make sure when it falls over it automatically shuts off.' said Rhodes.

The City of St. Louis says if you need a smoke detector you can give the fire dept a call. They also say make a plan to know at least two ways to get out of your home.  

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