Arbitrators Tour Dome To Determine Rams Deal

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Arbitrators and their staffs toured the Edward Jones Dome on Monday. But, when they spotted FOX 2 they got camera-shy and went back inside the Dome.

Neither the Rams nor the city's Convention and Visitor's Commission will comment. But, the outlines are pretty clear. First, there's the Rams' proposal. It involves an enlargement and total re-build of the current dome. The estimated price tag is around $700 million dollars.

Then, there's the CVC's proposal. It's a dome re-model with new natural light and electronics. The price tag for that plan? Around 124 million dollars.

Choosing between them are three arbitrators. Frederico Alverez is a retired judge from Colorado, David Blair is a retired judge from Iowa and Sinclair Kosoff is a Chicago labor attorney.

After getting a first-hand look at the dome on Monday they begin the actual hearing on Tuesday.

The arbitrators will be hearing evidence from both the Rams and the city for the rest of this week inside the Thompson-Coburn Law Offices.

While those hearings will only take a dew days the public may not get a decision until March. The arbitrators might choose the city's plan, the Rams re-build plan or choose their own compromise option.

If the city rejects whatever that final plan is the Rams lease says the team would then be free to leave St. Louis in January of 2015. There's even speculation that the hearing might be a springboard for discussions about the Rams building a new stadium elsewhere in the immediate area.

Whatever plan emerges both city and county leaders say it will be put to a public vote before any extra tax dollars are earmarked for any project.

The Rams lease says the dome has to be among the top eight facilities in the NFL or the Rams are free to re-locate. In a previous statement the Rams management said they look forward to being in St. Louis for the next few decades.