St. Louis City Police Stepping Up Efforts To Stop Car Break-In’s

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - St. Louis city police are kicking up efforts to stop car break-in`s in the city.

It`s a new sight for car owners who live in south city.  St. Louis city police are stepping up efforts to reduce the number of car break in’s in the city. Captain William Swiderski, says these yellow flyers are part of their Park- Smart Program; a program designed to warn drivers about the dangers of leaving personal items in your car

Captain William Swiderski/St. Louis City Police:  'The park smart cards have been placed on cars in the second district since last October of 2012.'

And it’s working, car break ins in the second district are going down. Hotspot patrolling is also part of the plan. At one point areas like Hampton Avenue and Chippewa were particularly hot with break-ins. Officers put these flyers on cars while patrolling. The color and shape of the card looks like a ticket to get the attention of drivers.

'We are trying to make citizens aware not to leave their vehicles locked or leave property in plain sight we have a large residential area.'

Now drivers are left with a warning and police are hoping they listen to keep both you and your belongings safe.

'I`m just trying to expand on what a little bit and prevent the crime from happening in areas without problems, were trying to get it on cars in those areas as well.'

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