Mendte: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – In Larry Mendte’s Friday segement, he talks about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his unflattering photo with time magazine.

Most people recognize Bruce Springsteen as New Jersey`s boss.

But not Time magazine, who put Chris Christie on the cover this week with the bold caption the boss.

But when you look at the black and white picture that looks more like a mug shot than a head shot, I think they are alluding to a different kind of boss.

Which is not only a cheap New Jersey joke, it`s worse.

Christie, “I’m reporting Time, I mean come on”.    

For a moment let`s just assume they meant boss of New Jersey.

Of that there is no question, in a recent poll Christie has a 79% approval rating in the state, 62% among democrats.

But can his big no nonsense personality propel him to a bigger stage.

That may be tough.

Republicans are still upset with Christie for praising President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and a few days before the election.

And they are none to happy with Christie for blasting republican house speaker John Boehner for being slow with hurricane relief money.

But that won`t be his biggest problem.

If Christie runs for president and it looks like he is, he will have to run against a field of candidates who are considered more conservative, like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.

The question is, can Chris Christie change the republicans party, because i find it hard to believe the party will be able to change him.

The answer to that question will determine if Christie can really be the boss.

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