Mendte: Gun Control

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) – Gun control has made its way to the top of the nation's agenda; Larry Mendte thinks that the debate on the issue won't do much good.

Since the mass murders at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, gun control has moved to the top of the list on the national agenda.

It is worthy of debate - it is worthy of action.

But it will not solve the problem.

What this country really needs is nut job control.

You see guns you can hide, but nut jobs are there for everyone to see, watch how easy it is.

Nut job, nut job, nut job, nut job.

These are the shooters in Newtown, Aurora, at Virginia Tech and in Tucson, Arizona.

In each case family, medical professionals and others identified these four as a potential danger, - but because of federal privacy laws, the threat of lawsuits and mental health policies and political correctness, no one was able to intervene until it was too late.

I have spoken to parents who have a child they are worried might be dangerous and have been told nothing can be done unless they want to press charges.

And when they go to a private facility to have their child looked at, they are not told the diagnosis because of health privacy laws

Something has to change.

Look, I know this is a delicate issue, but when someone is pinpointed as a potential danger to society we must have the ability to help them and thus protect ourselves and our children.

I also know many of you took issue with me calling these four nut jobs, because that is politically incorrect, well they are, but I reserve that term for them.  My hope is that in the future, laws will change so that those with signs of mental illness won`t join this nut job hall of shame.