Illinois Gun Owners Upset Over Proposed Ban

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The failure of Illinois lawmakers to pass stricter controls on semi-automatic weapons and ammunition is being greeted as a victory by many Illinois gun owners, who found the bill to be draconian in its reach.

"To do this to this extent is absolutely outrageous," said gun owner Jeff Grandcolas. "They are pretty much trying to take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizen`s."

It`s unclear whether that kind of concern may  have been part of what stalled the bills, but clearly just introducing them is having unintended consequences.

"I am assuming that the legislators who are writing these bills realize that they are creating a run on these types of guns so there will now be more people in possession of them," said Amy Chase King, who along with her husband Steve, owns Metro Shooting Supplies in Belleville.

Of all the things about the bills many gun owners hated, the one that seemed to scare them the most was the idea of having to register existing weapons, which by extension many believed would eventually lead to confiscation.

Steve King believes those fears may also be what helped stall the bills.

"I think that the fear of policemen coming to your door and taking your guns away from you or being on some form of registry, I think that even the liberals can`t swallow that pill," he said, adding "when you ask for everything, you get nothing sometimes."

It is expected however that the bills will surface again in the next session of the legislature, and Steve King says gun owners are ready to fight against them.

"They knew they didn`t have the votes. They knew what they proposed was unconstitutional, but I`ve got to give them credit, they are going to go right back to the drawing boards and they are going to try to come up with something else and we are going to try to defeat that the same way we did," King said. "We are going to fight them every inch of the way."

FOX 2 News contacted the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, but no spokespersons were available for comment.