Copper Theft May Have Led to Home Explosion

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Update:  Investigators suspect copper theft may have led to the house explosion

WORDEN, IL (KTVI) - A house explosion early Thursday morning shook a small Illinois town. It happened near the Madison County community of Worden, about 30 miles east of St. Louis.

It happened at a home on Possum Hill Road, about four to five miles west of Worden, Il .  There is nothing left of the home now expect debris that is scattered everywhere.  Authorities with the Madison County Sheriff's department says they started getting calls about the explosion right around 1:00 a.m. Thursday.

Viewers also called and emailed FOX 2 saying they heard and felt the blast from miles away, including Edwardsville and Troy, Illinois.  Investigators say fortunately there was no one inside the home when it exploded and there are no injuries.

They believe the house was vacant and was under renovation. Investigators tell us there were no obvious signs of criminal activity at the scene.   The State Fire Marshal was at the scene overnight and is expected to return at sunrise.

No cause for the explosion has been given yet, but authorities say some kind of gas lead is certainly a possibility.